Welcome to the machine team - All-Electric and efficient

It happened on April 8th: a Sumitomo Demag IntElect 2 enters into our machine outfit. She is an all-electric injection moulding machine of the newest generation


This new generation of all-electric injection moulding machines combines top-level performance with an outstanding energy footprint.

Showing 180 tons closing forece, the Sumitomo Demag IntElect 2  is a heavy, all-electric beauty with an outstanding energy footprint, that convinced us:

  • no hydraulic oil any more in use 
  • Recuperation through break mechanism of the closing element
  • less consumption of electricity im comparison to her hydraulic predecessor
  • faster and more precision in manufacturing
  • less noice while running hours, means about 50% less noice polution


Damian Elkuch, Technical Director, is proud and happy to contribute once more, with this new investment, into a sustainable production. Being fully aware of the immense responsibility for society and environment, we have started already years ago with sustainably taking action: 

  • Simple assembling work is vastly made by curative padagogy centrese (Heilpädagogische Zentren) in Eastern Switzerland and Liechtenstein
  • Closed heating cycle within the manufacturing unit and adjaicent offices, based on the waste heat of cooling water 
  • No fossile burning
  • High share of re-used material and recycled plastics
  • Strict waste management