elkuch flexible bend goes Eastern Europe

Potential for elkuch flexible bend and accessories with growing power grids and ICT demands

In Poland, we already maintain a long-standing partnership with Q-Systems and Dura-Line (formerly AROT Wavin).

With new cooperation partners, we are now venturing further into the Eastern European region. The growing construction work for electricity and telecom supply there is discovering the great advantages of innovative products, such as our elkuch Flexbogen.

LUNA PLAST a.s. has been a reliable manufacturer of PE plastic pipes in the Czech Republic for 25 years. We have decided to work together on the market with elkuch accessories. The company structure and the philosophy of our companies fit well together.

Interested parties from and for the Czech Republic should contact Ing. Petr Vod√°k, LUNA PLAST a.s., Mob: +420 733 303 959, Tel: +420 315 626 322, vodaklunaplastcz, www.lunaplast.eu



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