elkuch® Fibre-Line

Fibre optics provides state-of-the-art, high performance data transfer. Thanks to their great capacities and capabilities, optical fibres (light-wave cables) are the first choice for modern networks involving large-volume data transfers. Nevertheless, the high-performance cables require special diligence during the conduit wiring and connection. Indeed, only a stable and robust cable routing can guarantee the trouble-free, efficient transmission of data.

The solution is: elkuch® fibre-line. The revolutionary plug-in connection system for sensitive optical fibres is manufactured without metal components and thus assures the reliable transmission of data free of disturbances. By virtue of the catch, the microduct conduits are connected in a doubly safe and durable manner. Synthetic clamping sleeves maintain the conduits in an unalterable position.

The high-quality synthetics of the elkuch® fibre-line product line is water-repellent, impact-proof and pressure-resistant.

The elkuch® fibre-line Plug-In connector is very easy to handle. During the assembling, the microduct conduits are inserted into the plug-in connector and automatically and safely fixated by the clamping sleeve. A safety system prevents the unintentional disengaging of the coupling. The professional disassembly can be quickly completed.

Advantageous features

  • Wasser- und druckdicht
  • Schlagfest
  • Ohne Metallteile gefertigt

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