elkuch® Flexible bent tubing system

The elkuch® flexible bent tubing system is being used as problem solver for cable protection in various countries. Its functional design and wide range of applications excels in daily operations. It is the considerable, reliable and successful choice of experts, planners and engineers for more than 15 years. Fittings like sleeves, endings, reductions or others are offered in all dimensions. 

This bent tubing system  is very safe, and much quicker and simpler to install. A flexible utilization with offset bends, goosenecks, S-shapes or T-sections is provided. Furthermore, the system is immensely suitable for use as expansion joint in bridge constructions. Segment components can simply be lengthened or shortened as desired.

See the easy and handy installation in How-to-video 

Advantageous features

  • Utilization for power lines and cable protection ducts
  • extreme pressure resistant
  • 90o flexibility
  • 100 % recyclable
  • highly durable and long-lasting
  • UV-resistant and break-proof
  • Endless connecting system
  • resistant to fine sand and grout
  • OFI-tested, Vienna

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